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The professional A300-machine delivers more speed and power. Through the application of heavy-duty motors in combination with a more powerful operating system the A300 is suitable for long working hours.

  • Dimensions
    standard work area dimensions for the A300 are 1.25 x 2.50, 2.05 x 3.05, 2.05 x 4.20 and 2.05 x 6.00 m. For other dimensions, see specials.
  • Milling cutting spindles
    with 24,000 to 60,000 rpm and various power ratings, optional with water cooling. The right spindle for every application.
  • Flatbed vacuum systems
    for fixing products with possibility of even holding very small components in position.
  • Automatic tool changer
    the operator needs considerably less handling time.
  • Tangential and oscillating knife assembly
    ideal for processing PVC foam, foil, paper, cardboard, textiles, leather, polystyrene, etc.
  • Grooving module
    for introducing grooves to paper and cardboard
  • Camera-Vision system
    essential for acquiring the right contour when processing printed sheets. The camera registers the position of the pre-printed registration marks and deviations are subsequently corrected.
  • Dust collector system
    for the removal of chips and dust particles that are released during the milling process.
  • Minimum lubrication
    ensures the correct oil misting dosage. Essential when machining aluminium.
  • Specials
    thanks to the short lines of communication between the customer and manufacturer  Cosign responds rapidly. Cosign has also supplied supersize machines (up to 17 metres in length) and also with different clearances. You are at the right address for special machines at Cosign.

Digital Finishing

OptiScout Camera Positioning system essential for a perfect digital finishing.

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