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For a correct digital finishing the OptiScout Camera Positioning system in combination with a Cosign router is essential for determining the right shape when cutting printed sheets.

The camera registers the position of pre-printed regmarks and in that way possible deviations will be corrected.

The Cosign Entry, A300 and X500 routing machines are ideal for ‘Digital Finishing’, thanks to the excellent user-friendliness of machines and software and the flexibility when choosing spindles, cutting units and creasing modules.

OptiScout & Cosign, the perfect combination:

  • User-friendliness of machines and software: thanks to pre-set macro’s the machine can be operated with a few mouse clicks.
  • Co-operation OptiScout and various brands design-software: automatic data transfer vice versa between OptiScout and software such as Illustrator, CorelDRAW and AutoCAD.
  • Integration of OptiScout with various RIP software: a ‘plug in’ can be made for various RIP software, such as ONYX, Caldera, Wasatch, PosterPrint, Colorgate, PosterJet, CADlink and MasterRip.
  • Optimal registration and compensation method: the OptiScout Camera Positioning system is of a high quality level, it can detect all marking spots, even on complicated materials.
  • Print & Cut workflow: OptiScout handles the whole ‘print & cut workflow’, a barcode scanner can be used (dependent on RIP) in order to download all data in one go. Hereby a high speed can be reached in the workflow and the risk of mistakes is minimized.

Digital Finishing

OptiScout Camera Positioning system essential for a perfect digital finishing.

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